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LPG Cylinder Machine

LPG Cylinder Machine

Sankur is one of the industrial organizations manufacturing in the LPG tubes sector for more than 40 years. Operating in Turkey and Libya, Sankur deals with LPG tube manufacturing and renewal, production of LPG tube spare parts, hydraulic press and automation machinery, cutting and plastering molds.

In Kocaeli – Turkey facilities, LPG tube spare parts, plastering – cutting molds, welding automation machinery and hydraulic press machines are produced.

In Tripoli – Libya facilities, 26.5 Lt and 10.5 Lt LPG tubes are produced and replaced under the SANKUR brand.

Sankur continues these activities in its 3 factories composed of 45,000 m2-covered area with more than 200 employees and over 20,000 tons of annual material processing capacity. In this sector, it grows rapidly as being the only LPG tube manufacturer that can produce machine, mold and spare part needs within its body.

Moreover, Sankur continues to consolidate its experiences in the sector with the turnkey LPG tube production facilities established in various countries.




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Adres : Yeni Gölcük Yolu Üzeri Vezirçiftliği Mevkii No : 201 İzmit / Koceli
Telefon : +90 262 335 05 42 / +90 262 335 05 24
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E-mail : info@sankur.com.tr
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